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Free 2017 Astrology Forecast for Aquarius
(January 21-February 19)

Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign AquariusThe life of an Aquarian is never dull, but 2017 could double down on that idea by bringing your life into a whole new level of activity and excitement.

Jupiter spends most of the year (January through mid-October) transiting through Libra, your 9th solar house, showing a period when you move beyond your past boundaries and farther out into the world around you. This transit could indicate travel to new, possibly exotic, places where you've never been before -- activities which almost by definition expand your mind and your outlook on life. Or it could also indicate an expansion of your "reach," during which you may not travel so much physically, but perhaps your words or your deeds or your reputation move out into the world and bring you increased recognition.

In either case, you're likely to find the year quite exciting, although the period from February through early June, when Jupiter retrogrades in Libra, could also be a bit exhausting physically and perhaps show you some of the negative side of this expansion. Simply not allowing your enthusiasm to get the better of you can prevent or solve many problems.

Saturn spends virtually all of 2017 (all but the final 10 days) transiting Sagittarius, your 11th solar house. As with Jupiter's transit, Saturn's move through Sagittarius (which has been going on since early 2015) also shows a period of increased activity and a time when you tend to be the center of attention. In Saturn's case, however, the emphasis is not so much on expanding your own horizons as it is on teaching you how to become the anchor or focal point of a group of people.

You are likely to find yourself in an important position (possibly a leadership role) either in a job-related setting, or in some sort of social group or organization; and your goal should be to provide the strong, steady hand that keeps that group on course and provides the way for the individual members to come together to express their "collective consciousness." Focus on stability and on slow, steady, practical progress for the group. April-August, when Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius, could see your popularity experience a temporary dip. But if you continually put the group's good ahead of your own, the members will come along with you. Just as importantly, you will all learn important life-lessons from the process.

Personal finances are likely to take center stage during January, as both Mars and Venus transit Pisces, your 2nd solar house; and again in April, as Venus's retrograde motion takes it back into Pisces for a few weeks. January is a good time to be aggressive and opportunistic in financial matters -- seize on new sources of income, for example, but also be aware that expenses could increase now. April, by contrast, is a time to step back, resisting the urge to be aggressive financially and instead sorting through recent events to see what worked and what didn't. Use this time to fine-tune your financial affairs. If something's not working, get rid of it -- don't let wishful thinking cause you to throw good money after bad. With Mars transiting Taurus, your 4th solar house, during April, money matters could be tied to changes now occurring in your home or domestic situation.

May-July brings a focus on self-awareness and self-expression, as Mars transits Gemini and Cancer, your 5th and 6th solar houses, respectively. In contrast to the group-oriented focus shown by Saturn's transit through Sagittarius, this period finds you focusing much more on yourself as an individual. Indeed, this focus on yourself could be partly responsible for some friction with the people around you. You need to find a balance here, as well as a way to use your own individual talents, needs, and abilities in the service of the group or "larger whole."

Late July through late October turns the focus strongly toward a one-to-one relationship, as Mars transits Leo and Virgo, your 7th and 8th solar houses, respectively. A relationship could hit a snag from mid-August through early September, as Mercury retrogrades in both Virgo and Leo, showing a period when communications breakdowns could cause a rift between you and a partner. This rift should only be temporary, however, as some open and honest discussion should be able to clear the air between you.

In mid-October, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, your 10th solar house, bringing the overall process of expansion and growth that its cycle represents to a new level of fruition and manifestation. You're now able to take the new ideas and points of view you've been exposed to during Jupiter's transit of Libra and turn them into concrete plans for your future. Indeed, these ideas could bring about a new level of material success by the end of the year, whether on the job or in some other area of endeavor.

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