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Free 2017 Astrology Forecast for Cancer
(June 22-July 23)

Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign CancerThe inherent conflict between your career or other outside-the-home activities and your personal, domestic life takes center stage during the first half of 2017. Early on, the focus is mainly on outside activities, as Mars transits Pisces, Aries, and Taurus (your 9th, 10th, and 11th solar houses, respectively) during the period from January through late April.

The transit through these houses shows a time when your energies are focused very strongly in an outward direction -- a time when you are trying to "make a mark in the world" in some way. This could be through career advancement, the expansion of your social circle, an increase in your influence, or some other method through which you both enhance your own position in the world and share some sort of knowledge or insight with society in general.

But even though your momentum in these areas will be strong from the very beginning of the year, you will need to control your progress and not move too quickly or rashly, because some important, but totally unexpected, developments are likely to occur before spring.

Specifically, during the last week of February, Mars conjoins Uranus in Aries, your 10th solar house. This aspect shows out-of-the-blue changes that will impact your career or role in society in some way. The changes are likely to be sudden and probably largely out of your control. You'll find that the rules of the game have shifted, and now you need to learn -- quickly! -- how to play by the new rules. At first you'll probably feel that these changes are negative -- they disrupt your comfortable routine and throw you out of your comfort zone. But if you follow them along, you'll soon see how they can be extremely beneficial and provide you with exciting new opportunities.

Immediately following this Mars-Uranus conjunction, during the first week of March, Venus turns retrograde in your 10th solar house, remaining retrograde until mid-April. This is the period during which you react and adjust to the changes that have just occurred. You need to take a few steps back and get a new perspective on things. In particular, re-examine your values, priorities, and goals. They may have changed rather significantly, but you haven't yet realized it.

Also involved in this planetary pattern in Jupiter, which is transiting through Libra, your 4th solar house, and which is opposed by the Mars-Uranus conjunction at the end of February. This opposition sets up a powerful tension or conflict between the sudden changes in your career or social life and the process (represented by the Jupiter cycle) of expanding and enhancing your domestic situation. From February through early June, as Jupiter retrogrades in Libra, your home situation may take a step or two backward, as the balance between domestic and worldly activities has temporarily been thrown out of whack. At this point, you'll need to figure out the new relationship between these two facets of your life.

By June, as Mars enters your Sun sign, you'll probably have found a new sense of balance and equilibrium. You should by now have mostly acclimated to the recent changes, and in fact you're probably seeing much more of the positive opportunities they've brought you. As Jupiter turns direct at this same time, your domestic situation gets nicely back on track, with the second half of the year proceeding much more smoothly than the first.

August and early September could see an increase in financial activity, as Mars transits Leo, your 2nd solar house, and Mercury briefly retrogrades here. Income and expenses will both likely increase, so try to keep a handle on things. Late October through early December brings a new burst of activity on the domestic front. Changes could again be in the offing, but probably not as dramatic as they were in the early part of the year.

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