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Free 2017 Astrology Forecast for Capricorn
(December 22-January 20)

Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign CapricornPerhaps the most obvious of the longer-term "background" transits occurring in your life this year is the transit of Jupiter through Libra, your 10th solar house. Jupiter entered Libra in the fall of 2016, and it continues its movement through the sign until October, 2017. This transit shows a time when a longer-term process in your life is coming to its culmination and fruition. Jupiter astrologically represents expansion and success. In the 10th house, it shows those qualities manifesting in the outer, public area of your life: job or career, social standing, influence in the world at large.

The process of advancement indicated here has been a long time in the making, perhaps dating back as far as 2008, when Jupiter last entered your Sun sign and kicked off a new 12-year cycle of expansion in your life. As that process now reaches a climax, from January-October, you reap what you have sown over the preceding years, and you gather the fruits of the hard work you have put in.

This process may be somewhat upsetting to, or disruptive of, your home and domestic situation, however. This is especially likely during February and March, as Mars transits Aries, your 4th solar house, and Venus retrogrades here. Mars's passage through Aries (late January through mid-March) effectively stirs the pot in your home life. A rush of activity upends your accustomed routines, and also exposes some changes that may need to be made. The Venus retrograde, from early March through mid-April, shows the time when you need to step back and take stock of what Mars is bringing into the open: namely, that your personal goals, values, and priorities have likely changed (perhaps significantly!), but that the arrangements in your most intimate environment may not have kept pace.

Roughly coinciding with Venus's retrograde period, Mars's transit through Taurus, your 5th solar house, shows a period when being a little self-indulgent can be a good thing. Remake your home environment in your own new image, including changing the people in it, if that step is necessary. But all this activity (and possibly some emotional stress or tension) could have physical repercussions from late April through early June, as Mars transits Gemini, your 6th solar house. Try to relax and perhaps ease back on your level of activity during this time, keeping your physical well-being uppermost in your mind.

By June, your personal space (including your "inner space"!) should be pretty much the way you like it. At that point, you are able to begin projecting your inner self outward into the world. Someone new may enter your life, or an existing relationship could require some attention, during June and July, as Mars transits Cancer, your 7th solar house. Focus on establishing or maintaining a partnership of equals, keeping in mind that you will at some point have to make good on any promises you make or any obligations you assume at this time.

This focus on partnerships and relationships continues through late September, as Mars transits Leo, your 8th solar house, and Venus and Mercury transit these signs as well. You're likely to find yourself negotiating the terms of a partnership -- either informally, as in a personal involvement with someone; or more formally, as in a business or other formal relationship. Again, remember to not make promises you won't be able to keep. Mid-August through early September, as Mercury retrogrades in Virgo and Leo, is a time to pay close attention to a partnership agreement, and probably revise it in terms of new information that's recently come to light.

October-December concludes the year mostly on a high note. Mars, Venus, and Mercury all spend some of this time in Libra, your 10th solar house, bringing a new focus on job/career/public matters and placing you squarely into the spotlight. In mid-October, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, your 11th solar house, indicating that this new emphasis on the "public" side of your life is likely to continue for awhile, as Jupiter remains in Scorpio until the fall of 2018. And just before the end of the year, Saturn enters your Sun sign for a nearly three-year transit, opening an important new long-term cycle in your life.

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