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Free 2017 Astrology Forecast for Gemini
(May 22-June 21)

Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign GeminiTwo overall themes dominate Gemini's life during 2017. Although these two trends can be somewhat complementary and feed off each other, they can also come into conflict from time to time. Your job will be to keep them in relative balance as they ebb and flow over the course of the year.

The first of these trends, indicated by Saturn's transit through Sagittarius, your 7th solar house, deals with the stability of your important relationships. Saturn began this transit in early 2015, and since that time (especially for those of you born early in Gemini) you've been experiencing both a need for, and a reluctance to, make some sort of important commitment to another person. This could be in a personal relationship, a business partnership, or some other context. But Saturn here shows both the need for stability, and the loss of a certain amount of freedom that often accompanies such stability.

Alongside this trend is another one, indicated by Jupiter's transit through Libra, your 5th solar house, which began in the fall of 2016. This portion of the Jupiter cycle shows a broad expansion of your individuality and self-expression. In many ways, you are discovering entire new dimensions of your personality, and you're eager to put those new feelings and ideas into practice. This is a highly creative period, and also in some ways a rather self-centered one, when you tend to focus more on your own needs than on the needs of others.

Obviously, the strong focus on yourself indicated by the Jupiter transit could conflict with the commitment to a partner indicated by the Saturn transit. Too much self-indulgence on your part, and your partner may feel neglected or ignored. On the opposite side, too many demands from a partner could have you feeling restricted or hemmed in.

From March-May, as Venus and Mercury both retrograde, you should probably focus more on your partnerships and less on yourself, even if it requires some sacrifice on your part. Career and social pressures could also come to bear here, as the Venus retrograde takes place in Aries and Pisces, your 11th and 10th solar houses, respectively; and the Mercury retrograde occurs in Taurus and Aries, your 12th and 11th solar houses, respectively.

Mars transits your 10th and 11th solar houses from January-March, showing a strong focus on -- and possibly many changes in -- your career path and social activities. By late April, when Mars enters your Sun sign and the Mercury and Venus retrogrades conclude, things get back on track and your forward momentum increases significantly.

Jupiter's retrograde in Libra from February-May shows a time when your energies should be turned more toward self-discovery than toward self-expression. Use this time to set priorities and get your ducks in a row. Then from June-December, with Jupiter moving forward, you'll be able to implement your plans in a way that suits your personality. Saturn's conclusion of its transit through Sagittarius during this same end-of-the-year period shows that a strong partner can be an immense help in allowing you to be more "yourself" and (somewhat paradoxically) more independent.

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