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Free 2017 Astrology Forecast for Libra
(September 24-October 23)

Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign LibraJupiter's entrance into your Sun sign in the fall of 2016 indicates the start of a new 12-year cycle of expansion and growth in your life. Jupiter's transits paint things in broad strokes. As a slower-moving planet -- Jupiter takes about one year to move through each sign of the zodiac -- its meaning helps to set an overall tone for a given period, while the faster-moving planets (Mars, Venus, Mercury) then fill in the shorter-term details. Entering your Sun sign, Jupiter signifies a new beginning at a whole new level of awareness and achievement.

This transit extends from September 2016 through October 2017. Because it is a new beginning, you're likely to feel energetic and optimistic -- rarin' to go and excited about moving forward. But you'll need to keep your enthusiasm and excitement under control at least to some extent, because Jupiter also indicates areas where you could get a little overly exuberant, perhaps taking things to a bit of a negative extreme. You could push your physical body a bit too far -- either over-exerting yourself, leading to exhaustion; or perhaps over-indulgence of some sort, bringing about ill-health.

The first of these possibilities (over-exertion) is most likely during January, as Mars and Venus transit Pisces, your 6th solar house. Make an extra effort here to pace yourself and take proper care of your body (proper nutrition, exercise, etc.). The second possibility (over-indulgence) is most likely from February through early June, as Jupiter retrogrades in Libra. Although one specific manifestation of this trend is in physical over-indulgence, a broader interpretation cautions against reaching too far too quickly in any area, which could cause a venture to backfire. Take things slowly and steadily during this time, saving the big push forward until mid-to-late summer.

A close personal relationship could hit a brief snag during March and early April, as Venus retrogrades in Aries, your 7th solar house. This should be a relatively minor difficulty (although it may not feel like it as it happens!), which you and your partner should be able to work out through open and honest communication. The involvement of Venus shows that the issues between you revolve around conflicting values and priorities, so you'll each need to understand -- and respect -- what's most important to the other person. Things should clear up by May.

In early June, Mars enters Cancer, your 10th solar house, bringing you strongly into the spotlight in some fashion. You could get a promotion at work (or move to a new job altogether), or you could gain a new level of respect or authority in the world at large. Don't forget that these honors come with added responsibilities! But as Jupiter resumes its direct motion and concludes its transit of Libra from June through October, you'll not only be up for new challenges, but recent lessons will have you much better prepared for them as well. If you want to get aggressive in moving forward with new plans and activities, now is the time to do so. As Mars transits Leo, your 11th solar house, during August and early September, you should be able to recruit numerous people to your cause. This is also a very socially oriented time, when relaxing or partying with friends and neighbors is both enjoyable and frequent.

In mid-October, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, your 2nd solar house, opening the second year-long phase of the 12-year Jupiter cycle. This phase deals with your finances and other resources, bringing a significant period of expansion. Your new responsibilities begin to manifest their rewards at this time, bringing you increased income and access to other resources. But as is always the case with Jupiter, you will need to be careful that you don't overdo things. More money may be coming in, but there's likely more money going out as well, and you will have to maintain a balance. Additionally, from late October through early December, Mars transits your Sun sign, providing a strong burst of energy and enthusiasm -- which, again, could lead to your unwittingly going a bit to extremes in some area. Optimism and enthusiasm are great. Just temper them with a bit of practicality.

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