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Free 2017 Astrology Forecast for Sagittarius
(November 24-December 21)

Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign SagittariusFor the past year or so, the lives of Sagittarians have been dominated by the slow transit of Saturn through your Sun sign. This transit, which began in the fall of 2015 and which continues until late December of 2017, marks a major turning point for you in many ways. Saturn signifies maturity, self-containment, independence; or, in a negative sense, pettiness and isolation. As Saturn passes over your natal Sun, you find yourself evolving in one of these directions or the other. You are becoming more whole and self-contained as an individual, but the question is how you will use this new level of understanding. Will you use it to become a positive force in the world around you -- the wise, experienced "elder" (regardless of your chronological age!) who can share your hard-won knowledge with others? Or will you become the cranky old goat, bitter and disillusioned from experiencing life's hard knocks?

Give this idea some thought as the year unfolds. You'll probably encounter a series of situations that present you with this type of choice, in one guise or another. It's up to you to decide which of these Saturnian types you really want to evolve into.

Along these same lines, Jupiter's transit through Libra, your 11th solar house, through mid-October places you squarely in the social spotlight during most of the year. Combined with the Saturn transit, Jupiter here shows an opportunity for you to stand as an example to the people around you -- again, the idea that you have grown and matured through your life experience, and you are now able to share that knowledge with others. Jupiter's retrograde in Libra, from early February through early June, shows a period when social responsibilities may weigh on you a bit; but this is simply another step in the Saturn maturation process. Accepting and fulfilling these responsibilities will leave you in a better position than when you began.

The transits of Mars show the shorter-term cycles of activity in your life, and Mars opens the year transiting through Pisces, your 4th solar house. This shows about a month of fairly hectic activity around your home base. Family matters take center stage, and may be a bit disruptive to your established routines.

From February-April, Mars transits Aries and Taurus, your 5th and 6th solar houses, respectively. This shows a time when you need to focus on "you": your needs, your desires, your creative and self-expressive activities. But at the same time, at the end of February, Mars opposes Jupiter in Libra, showing a week or two when "being yourself" could put you on the outs with the people around you. Although the tension could become rather intense for a short time, it's probably best for you to remain true to yourself here, and not succumb to peer pressure. You will come out a stronger person, and the people around you may well learn something valuable from your actions.

Relationships take center stage during May and, to a somewhat lesser extent, June and July, as Mars transits Gemini and Cancer, your 7th and 8th solar houses, respectively. From late April through early June, you may find yourself intensely drawn to another person, but that person could actually be a disruptive influence on your newly stabilized lifestyle. Only you can make the final judgment, but remember that any involvement (whether personal or professional) comes with strings attached. Whether those strings are something you can live with or not is up to you to determine.

August-December is likely to be a very active period. Mars transits Leo, Virgo, and Libra, your 9th, 10th, and 11th solar houses, respectively, from late July through mid-December. This transit shows a great deal of activity out in the world at large: travel, job-related matters, social functions, etc. Mars is joined here by Venus from September-November; and by Mercury through October.

Perhaps the most important period here is early September through late October, as Mars transits Virgo, your 10th solar house, where it is conjoined by Venus in early October. This is a time of tangible achievement and success for you in the world at large. A new job, a promotion, an award, or some other type of accomplishment or recognition is likely. And going back to the underlying theme of the year, this accomplishment adds to both your inner maturation and your outer reputation. It can be, in fact, the final step in the process symbolized by Saturn, which in late December concludes its transit through Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn, showing the time when you move into the next major, long-term phase in your life.

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