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Free 2017 Astrology Forecast for Scorpio
(October 24-November 23)

Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign ScorpioSince the fall of 2015, Saturn has been transiting Sagittarius, your 2nd solar house, indicating a long period of what we can describe as financial consolidation. In some ways, this may have been a restrictive period, when your finances took what appeared to be a step or two backwards. At the same time, however, you've learned to use your money and other resources far more effectively -- doing more with less, eliminating waste, and so forth.

All of these trends are the "preliminary" portion of this transit, setting the stage for this year's final portion, which ideally will lead to the establishment of a much stronger and more stable personal financial base in your life. As you've responded to events in this area over the past year or so, you've made some important decisions and learned some important lessons about managing your money and other resources.

During 2017, as this transit draws to its close, you should now try to incorporate all of those lessons into an overall, longer-term financial plan -- something that can provide you with a firm foundation for moving into the future. You're probably well on your way toward this already, and it's just a matter of working out the details and perhaps putting a few more ideas into motion. The period from April-August, as Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius, brings the final period of reorganization in this process. In particular, Mars opposes Saturn from Gemini, your 8th solar house, in May, showing the point when financial restructuring comes to a head. Finalize long-term plans here, and financial affairs should be on a fairly solid and stable course thereafter.

Jupiter spends much of the year transiting Libra, your 12th solar house, where it remains until mid-October. This transit also indicates a period of consolidation, but in a much different sense than Saturn's. In the 12th house, Jupiter shows the concluding phase of a long, 12-year cycle of growth and expansion in your life. You've come a long way since the beginning of this cycle in 2005, and the first 10 months of this year is the period when you assimilate all of the lessons of the cycle and prepare to move onto an entirely new level in your life.

The financial consolidation indicated by Saturn is related to this Jupiter cycle, in the sense that your progress over the past 12 years has brought you to the "point of change" where you find yourself today. Think back over that time period to see how the chain of events has evolved. This exercise will enable you to get a longer-term perspective on things, and thereby to put your life's events into a broader, and possibly much more meaningful context. Gaining this type of understanding is precisely what this Jupiter transit is all about.

In more-immediate terms, the first part of 2017 is likely to find you honing some personal skill or talent, perhaps with the thought of putting it to work in a job or business. As both Venus and Mars transit Pisces, your 5th solar house, during January, you go through a very self-expressive phase, and these creative tendencies could serve as the basis for a longer-term project, or even a money-making venture. You'll need to refine and perfect your talents in a practical way over the next several months, however, as both Mars (February through mid-March) and Venus (February through early June) transit Aries, your 6th solar house. Venus retrogrades here during March and the first half of April, showing a time when you may need to rearrange your priorities in some way. This is also a time when excessive worry or stress could have physical repercussions, so try to maintain an even emotional balance. Don't let little things get to you. And if you find your life's direction to be at odds with your personal values or goals, now is the time to make a change.

Mars transits Taurus, your 7th solar house, during March and April, indicating a focus on one-to-one relationships. Someone new in your life could get you excited, but be sure you're getting into the relationship for the right reasons. Late spring and summer bring an increasing level of activity, as Mars moves through Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo (your 8th, 9th, 10th, and 1th solar houses, respectively) from late April through late October. April-July sees you steadily expanding your horizons and influence, a process which reaches a climax during August and September, perhaps through a new job, a promotion, or some sort of leadership position.

The final three months of the year combine the first steps of a new long-term cycle (Jupiter's entrance into your Sun sign, in mid-October, for a year-long transit) with a final period of introspection and assimilation of a shorter-term cycle (Mars's transit through Libra, your 12th solar house, from October-December). These two transits essentially say that the events of the spring and summer were the final steps bringing you onto a wholly new level of experience in your life; and once you've fully assimilated their lessons, you're ready to move forward in the new 12-year cycle of growth and expansion signified by Jupiter.

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