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Free 2017 Astrology Forecast for Virgo
(August 24-September 23)

Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign VirgoFinances and family matters provide the two major themes for 2017 for Virgo. Saturn's transit through Sagittarius, your 4th solar house, shows a period when your domestic situation is becoming much more stable and secure, although punctuated by periods when you might find it to be rather restrictive as well. At the same time, Jupiter's transit through Libra, your 2nd solar house, shows a time of definite expansion of your financial base, although with an accompanying tendency to overspend or fritter away resources wastefully.

First, Saturn. Slowly passing through your 4th solar house from 2015-2017, this astrological symbol of permanence and stability shows a period during which these qualities are increasingly evident in your home, family, and domestic situation. Your home life feels much more secure to you now, and the people involved in it are much more reliable than they used to be.

Mostly you find this trend to be reassuring, but there are times when the idea of stability feels much more like "restrictiveness" to you, and when the people who are closest to you seem to hold you back more than they support you or encourage you to move forward. The period from March through August could emphasize these sorts of feelings, especially in terms of a close personal relationship. Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius from April-August, showing the time that most emphasizes your feelings of being restricted in some way by your most intimate surroundings. And Venus is retrograde in Aries, your 8th solar house, during March and April, showing the need to re-evaluate the balance of give and take in a close, one-on-one relationship.

Next, Jupiter. Transiting Libra, your 2nd solar house, from late 2016 through mid-October 2017, the planet of expansion and excess shows a period when money and other resources are much more readily available to you. This provides you with the means to do many things you've always wanted to do, but it also brings with it the temptation to go overboard and spend beyond even your newly expanded means. The consequences of doing so could come to light from February through June, as Jupiter retrogrades in Libra; and even more particularly during the spring, as several retrogrades (Venus, Mercury, and Saturn) combine with Jupiter to contribute to the idea that you've over-committed yourself in some way, and that you now need to focus on fulfilling responsibilities you've assumed before you can resume moving forward freely and unencumbered. In other words, it could be time to pay the Piper.

Activity-generating Mars enters this mix in late April, as it moves into Gemini, your 10th solar house. Transiting Gemini through early June, and then Cancer, your 11th solar house, through late July, Mars here shows a period when much of your energy is directed outwardly -- into job or career matters, or more broadly, into your work or position in the world at large. You may find yourself in the public eye or in a position of authority, at least for a time. And you may also find all of this activity to be a bit disruptive of your home life.

The activity settles down significantly in late July, when Mars enters Leo, your 12th solar house. This Mars transit shows a period through early September when your focus and energies once again turn inward. Use this time to pause and take stock, to digest all of the changes that have taken place since the first of the year. Jupiter's recent (early June) resumption of its direct motion in Libra shows the easing of short-term financial pressures, while Saturn's turn direct in late August brings a very positive and constructive sort of stability back into your home life.

Mars enters your Sun sign during the first week of September, kicking off a new two-year cycle of activity in your life. Having assimilated the recent changes in your situation (and your attitudes!), you feel ready for a fresh start in a new direction. With both Jupiter and Saturn changing signs by the end of the year, the foundation for the new phase of your life is complete. Now you can begin to build on that foundation, anchored in a strong domestic situation and utilizing new resources, both material and non-material.

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