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Current Planetary Positions

June 25, 2017
3:43 pm GMT

Sun: 04 Cancer 16
Moon: 26 Cancer 05
Mercury: 09 Cancer 14
Venus: 19 Taurus 53
Mars: 13 Cancer 50
Jupiter: 13 Libra 36
Saturn: 23 Sagittarius 45 Rx
Uranus: 27 Aries 56
Neptune: 14 Pisces 15 Rx
Pluto: 18 Capricorn 29 Rx
Fire: 2 Cardinal: 7
Earth: 2 Fixed: 1
Air: 1 Mutable: 2
Water: 5



The planets in astrology represent the forces in nature that make things happen. Their locations in the various signs of the zodiac, and their relationships to each other, show the types of actions and events that are happening in the life of an individual person, or in the world at large.

You can read more about the planets and their meanings in our Astrology Primers section. And you can get customizable planetary position calculations, including asteroids and sidereal zodiacs, at

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