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Today's Lunar Aspects: March 14, 2019, from

Posted: Thu, Mar 14, 2019

Today is Challenging

9:50am - Moon opposite Jupiter: Non-conformist feelings or behavior could have you on the outs with the people around you. Decide if sticking to your guns is worth it to you.

10:26am - Moon square Sun: Feelings may pull you in a direction you don't really want to go, especially with regard to a male-female issue or conflict.

12:30pm - Moon square Mercury: Emotions conflict with logic, pulling you in two directions. You're likely to speak without thinking -- and it may come back to haunt you.

9:48pm - Moon enters Cancer

10:30pm - Moon sextile Uranus: A touch of uniqueness adds your personal brand of spice to a situation. Others appreciate it, and get on the bandwagon.

The lunar aspects and Moon-sign changes give a quick read of the overall tone of the day. The exact time of each aspect shows when that trend "peaks" for the day. Times are GMT.

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Copyright © 1997-2019 Ed Perrone. All rights reserved.

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Copyright © 1997-2019 Ed Perrone. All rights reserved.

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