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Today's Lunar Aspects
May 28, 2017

Today is Challenging  

Current time: 04:49 am GMT
Times are GMT

8:56am - Moon square Jupiter:
Social or peer pressures may have you in a bind. Compromise is possible, if you're open to it.

10:07am - Moon trine Neptune:
Your idealism surges, but you may be just a little disappointed that your dreams are not yet reality.

10:26am - Moon sextile Mercury:
A balanced, holistic approach is most productive. Emotional and mental activity remain steady.

6:05pm - Moon opposite Pluto:
Ruthlessness can take an emotional toll, whether you are the giver or the receiver. Avoid dangerous or volatile situations.

11:02pm - Moon square Venus:
You may be at odds with loved ones, perhaps over an issue of conflicting values. Search your heart.

The lunar aspects and Moon-sign changes give a quick read of the overall tone of the day. The exact time of each aspect shows when that trend "peaks" for the day. All times are given in GMT.

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Current Planetary Positions
May 28, 2017
04:49 am GMT

Sun: 07 Gemini 04
Moon: 10 Cancer 53
Mercury: 14 Taurus 02
Venus: 21 Aries 23
Mars: 25 Gemini 01
Jupiter: 13 Libra 27 Rx
Saturn: 25 Sagittarius 49 Rx
Uranus: 26 Aries 49
Neptune: 14 Pisces 10
Pluto: 19 Capricorn 04 Rx

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Current Moon Phase
May 28, 2017
04:49 am GMT

Waxing Crescent

Sun-Moon angle: 33° 49'
Aspect: No major aspect

Waxing Crescent

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