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Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign CancerFree 2019 Astrology Forecast for Cancer
(June 22-July 23)

2019 in a Nutshell: 2019 is the middle of a longer period of growth and maturation in your life, as Saturn transits Capricorn, in opposition to your natal Sun. This Saturn transit, which extends from late 2017 through early 2020, marks a time when you move onto a new level of both accomplishment and responsibility. The way you deal with others on an individual basis is key here. You need to be firm but fair.

Greatest Potential: Jupiter's transit through Sagittarius, your 6th solar house, shows a strong emphasis this year on the ideas of both service and craftsmanship. Your greatest potential and accomplishments will come through your being yourself, but in the best and most “refined” way possible. Putting your individual talents to practical use to help others in some way not only does good in the world, but can also bring you very tangible rewards.

Greatest Challenge: Saturn's opposition to your natal Sun shows that your greatest challenge this year, as it is for this entire 2 1/2-year Saturn transit, comes in defining yourself as an individual in contrast to the other individuals you're involved with. In 2019, this dichotomy is especially emphasized for those of you born from July 4th-14th, as the Saturn opposition is exact for you. Your challenge is to move to a new level of individuality and independence, without completely alienating the people you're involved with. Easier said than done!

Love, Relationships: Your one-to-one relationships could be rather stressful throughout the year, quite frankly, as Saturn continues its slow progress opposite your natal Sun. You're likely to feel put upon by a partner, which could cause you to over-react in a negative way. This is most likely around mid-June, as Mars in Cancer opposes Saturn, and makes you more susceptible to lashing out emotionally. February, July, and November are more-positive times, when Venus enters the picture and emphasizes shared, rather than conflicting, values.

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Money, Job, Career: Career matters take center stage during January, as Mars transits Aries, your 10th solar house. This is an important time when that idea of “craftsmanship” – using your talents in a refined and specialized way – can bring you a long way in a short time. Don't shy away from self-promotion during January and February, but ease back in March, as Mercury turns retrograde. Finances are strongly in focus during July and August. You'll need to be flexible and be able to improvise a bit.

Home and Domestic Life: Family matters are always important to you, but the first few months of the year are likely to find activities outside the home taking up a large portion of your time. You may feel a bit guilty – but you also realize that these career or social responsibilities do, in fact, require your attention right now, and there's no getting around them. September and October, by contrast, bring the focus squarely into your home environment, with lots of activity and perhaps a few surprises.

Travel: You're probably sticking closer to home for most of the year – perhaps actually coming off of a major travel adventure late in 2018. Between work/social responsibilities early in the year and family activities later on, you could find it a bit difficult to get away even for a short jaunt. The best time for quick trips is probably August and September, when you'll appreciate a break, even if it's a brief one.

Health: Perhaps the biggest threat to your health this year comes from “too much” of anything. Too much activity unabated can lead to physical exhaustion. Too much food or drink (especially of the “junk” variety) can lead to weight gain and other problems. Too much stress can wear you down. And so forth. The solution, obviously, is to avoid such extremes by being aware and disciplined. January and May-August could find you tempted to burn the candle at both ends, while November-December could bring the urge to self-indulgence. Resisting both of those temptations will go far toward avoiding health problems before they start.

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