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Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign CapricornFree 2019 Astrology Forecast for Capricorn
(December 22-January 20)

2019 in a Nutshell: Saturn transits your Sun sign from late 2017 through early 2020, indicating a rather serious, and sometimes challenging, process which unfolds during this entire period. Additionally, Pluto's super-long transit through your Sun sign shows that these changes both arise from, and affect you on, a very profound level of your being. In short, you are not the same person emerging from these transits as you were going into them. You are learning much more about being able to face the world on its own terms. You are delving deeply into your own psyche, discovering facets of your being you did not even know were there (and which may require some courage to face). And you are emerging “forged in fire,” as it were: stronger, more secure, and more centered as an individual. This broader significance extends throughout 2019 and colors virtually every event that takes place in your life this year.

Greatest Potential: Jupiter spends the first 11 months of the year transiting Sagittarius, your 12th solar house, where it shows a broad expansion of your inner life and spiritual self-knowledge. Capricorns tend to be pragmatic people, focusing much more often on practical accomplishments rather than on inner spirituality. But this transit shows a year-long period when you're not only more intrigued by your own inner life, but also when you can gain a great deal from the process. Try to better understand how your thoughts and emotions are connected to – and reflected in – the outer events in your life. What are those events telling you about yourself? Do events “happen to you,” or is there more to it than that? Coming to a better understanding of this inner, intangible facet of your being will stand you in good stead in very practical terms beginning in December, when Jupiter emerges from the “inner realms” of your 12th solar house and into the “outer life” of your Sun sign for a year-long stay.

Greatest Challenge: Your greatest challenge this year – as it was during 2018 as well – is in coming to a new and greater understanding of yourself, and in moving through a personal transition that is, in a very real sense, the beginning phase of the rest of your life. Saturn's transit through your Sun sign marks the beginning of a new 28-year cycle in your life – obviously a major turning point. Regardless of your chronological age, this transit brings you onto a new level of personal maturity and shows the emergence of a more-refined ability to deal with and in the material world. Saturn often teaches his lessons through restrictions and challenges, and these couple of years have had their share. But with Saturn as your ruling planet, you more than most are well-equipped to face these challenges successfully and to learn their lessons. Try to focus some energy throughout this year on deriving the meaning from the events in your life: What are events trying to teach you? What is their greater purpose? How do you as an individual fit into this larger context? Understanding the answers to these questions, at least a little bit, will move you successfully into the next phase of your life.

Love, Relationships: Quite frankly, you may not be much in the mood this year for dealing with too many personal relationships. Instead, your priorities will tend to lie in other areas – things that you feel are more “practical,” or coming to terms with various inner feelings and emotions. You may also feel a bit weighed down by your responsibilities to others – but keep in mind that they are relying on you because you are stronger, wiser, or more experienced in some way. Fulfill commitments that you've made to others, but do be selective in taking on new responsibilities. One-to-one relationships could be particularly sensitive from mid-May through early August, as Mercury, Venus, and Mars all oppose your natal Sun from Cancer, with Mercury retrograde here in late July. Misunderstandings are possible, so exercise patience. At the same time, making some fundamental changes in a relationship may well be necessary now.

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Money, Job, Career: In many ways this year, career matters are somewhat peripheral to the other changes that are taking place in your life and personality. For most of the year, there may not be significant outer activity in this area. But at the same time, you are probably doing a lot of thinking and planning in your own mind about how to restructure your career path to better reflect the new person you are becoming. October and November could bring these issues to a head, as Mars transits Libra, your 10th solar house. You may well feel the need at this time to move from what you perceive to be a restrictive or limiting situation into a new job that better reflects the needs and desires of the “new you.” This is indeed a good time to take action in this respect, but be aware that the first month or two could be a bit rocky as you adjust to a changed situation. After that, however (as Jupiter moves into your Sun sign in December), you should be able to settle in rapidly and begin to experience the rewards you've been seeking.

Home and Domestic Life: Your domestic situation has probably experienced a bit of upheaval over the past several years, as Uranus has slowly transited through Aries, your 4th solar house. Unexpected changes may have thrown you for a loop and caused you to step back and rethink your overall situation – part of the broader process of self-examination you're going through. A final period of home-based activity and unpredictability occurs during January and early February, as Mars transits Aries and stirs things up. But thereafter your home life should calm considerably, as Uranus finally leaves Aries in March and allows equilibrium to begin to re-establish itself.

Travel: With Jupiter transiting your 12th solar house, much of your “travel” this year may actually be inward explorations – a concept which can be a bit uncomfortable for pragmatic Capricorn. Yet Jupiter here shows you are actually ready right now to delve at least partially into this new type of knowledge, and your curiosity is probably primed and pulling you in this direction. Since spirituality is a very personal thing, you should pursue the path of knowledge that is most comfortable for you – whether it is joining a church, studying in the privacy of your own home, or anything in between. You will learn a great deal that you can, in good Capricorn fashion, put to practical use later on. In terms of actual physical travel, August-October could see you out and about exploring new territories. Travel during the latter portion of that period could have business or professional implications as well.

Health: Saturn's transit through your Sun sign shows a period of a couple of years when perhaps the greatest threat to your health comes from restriction or deficiency in some way. Make sure, for example, that you're eating a balanced diet – and enough of one! – and getting sufficient nutrients, etc. Lack of nutrition could be the root cause of any number of problems, as could physical “stagnation” – i.e., being a couch potato! Get out and exercise, even if events seem to be “conspiring” to keep you strapped to a chair or in an office dealing with them. During Mercury's retrograde periods – March, July, and November – show times when mental stress could take a physical toll. Take a deep breath and try to relax. May through mid-June, as Mars transits Gemini, your 6th solar house, is also a time to be extra careful, but now more in terms of carelessness or impulsiveness leading to accidents. This is also a great time to take some positive steps with regard to your health: beginning a new exercise program, initiating good health-maintenance habits, or perhaps getting that long-put-off physical checkup.

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