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Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign LeoFree 2019 Astrology Forecast for Leo
(July 24-August 23)

2019 in a Nutshell: If there's ever been a year for combining business with pleasure, 2019 appears to be it. Jupiter's year-long transit through Sagittarius, your 5th solar house of creativity and self-expression, shows a very fun year when you're able to really “be yourself” – an important Leo concept. But at the same time, Saturn's long transit through Capricorn, your 6th solar house, shows an equally strong emphasis on self-refinement and self-perfection. Thinking more in terms of a “highly skilled craftsperson” rather than an “eccentric artiste” – or better yet, combining the best of both of those worlds – will get you far this year, and you'll enjoy doing it.

Greatest Potential: Jupiter's transit through Sagittarius shows that your greatest asset this year is your own unique individuality. Whether it's playing silly games with your grandchildren or creating a monumental work of art (to you, both equally rewarding), your personality tends to shine through even more than usual. Your instincts and intuition are strong, as is your sense of adventure and just plain ol' fun. Follow your heart, with the only caveat being to not go to extremes, a tendency which also could be a little easier this year.

Greatest Challenge: Saturn is in the middle portion of a 2 1/2-year-long transit through Capricorn this year, showing a time in your life when you may need to buckle down in some ways. The idea of “getting serious” about things doesn't always sit well with freedom- and fun-loving Leo. But Saturn is saying loud and clear that your longer-term freedom and fun will come from adding a good dose of pragmatism to your creativity. The main lesson here is to avoid self-expression simply for the sake of self-indulgence. Instead, put that self-expression to some practical use in the material world. By solving a problem or filling a need, you'll add a whole new dimension to the satisfaction you feel.

Love, Relationships: Jupiter's transit through Sagittarius, your 5th solar house of love affairs and romance, shows a year that, in general, has a very happy and carefree tone overall. Feelings of love are strong and you express them easily. Relationships are fun – the way they are supposed to be! – and personally rewarding. Mid-April through mid-August could see a bit of a slowdown in this area – perhaps taking a new relationship onto a new, more-serious level. Avoid the temptation to be too demanding. You're an adult, so act like it.

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Money, Job, Career: Career matters for the most part take a “slow and steady” approach this year. As noted earlier, the underlying key is to take your natural self-expressiveness and creativity, refine it, and direct it into useful and practical channels. The period from mid-February through the end of March is particularly important, as Mars transits Taurus, your 10th solar house, and energizes career activity. Now is the time to take the initiative. Leos born in July will be particularly sensitive to this transit, as Mars will be conjoining Uranus in Taurus, in a stressful square aspect to your natal Sun. This aspect could bring literal upheaval to your job situation. Use your ability to improvise, and don't cling too tightly to the past – it's time to move on to something new and better.

Home and Domestic Life: In general, your home life remains fairly calm and uneventful this year. The biggest potential source of problems may well be your own lack of consideration for family members when you get a bit too caught up in your own activities. This is most likely from mid-February through mid-May, when your attention will be largely outside the home, focusing on career and social matters. Keep loved ones “in the loop,” rather than neglecting them, especially if changes will affect them. November is another sensitive time, as Mercury retrogrades in your 4th solar house, showing a period when domestic affairs require a little reorganization. Get some perspective on a matter.

Travel: Travel for you this year will mostly be purely for pleasure. With Jupiter making that favorable trine aspect to your natal Sun from Sagittarius, travel is both self-indulgence and creative expression. January-February and October-November are two periods when you're likely to be out on some new adventure.

Health: Perhaps the biggest threat to your health this year comes from something that is actually completely within your control: self-indulgence. With your fire-sign enthusiasm, you have a definite tendency to overdo things. But you have to remember that most of the time, too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing – and in fact can become a very harmful thing. Keep activities in moderation, and you will avoid many problems before they start. Somewhat paradoxically, health problems could also arise this year from from the self-imposed inner pressures of trying to be “too perfect” in some area of your life. Realize that you, too, are only human and forgive yourself your shortcomings. Your physical well-being will thank you for it.

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