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Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign PiscesFree 2019 Astrology Forecast for Pisces
(February 20-March 20)

2019 in a Nutshell: Probably more than any year in recent memory, 2019 will be your year in the spotlight. As Jupiter passes through Sagittarius, your 10th solar house, it brings your talents and abilities front and center, for all the world to see and admire. This can translate into advancement on the job, an increasing influence in your community, or simply a splash of publicity. At the same time, Saturn's transit through Capricorn, your 11th solar house, could thrust you into a position of group leadership – and responsibility. Don't let your ego get the best of you, and you'll do fine.

Greatest Potential: If you're seeking a new and better job, a promotion in your current career path, or possibly even starting your own business, Jupiter's year-long transit through Sagittarius says, “Go for it!” This year is a time when people will be paying attention to what you say and do – but remember that a faux pas can be magnified as easily as a success, so be fairly sure of your footing before you take too many steps. But your “audience” – whether only a few people or thousands – is definitely receptive, so demonstrate what you can do. The rewards will be there.

Greatest Challenge: Saturn's 2 1/2-year transit through Capricorn shows a period when you are learning to remain true to yourself even in a group or collective context. Pisces is very empathetic, and other people's moods and ideas can often have an undue influence on your own. Saturn in the 11th solar house, however, stands as a strong individual in the midst of the group – using empathy to understand the group's needs and desires, but maintaining its own strong sense of individuality and purpose, perhaps in a leadership capacity. The empathy of Pisces comes naturally to you. Your challenge now is to combine it with the individual strength and self-knowledge of Saturn in a constructive way that benefits both you and the people around you.

Love, Relationships: Affairs of the heart are always important to water-sign Pisces. And although this year your focus will very often be on career and social matters, personal relationships remain important. May-July is a period when feelings and passions are strong, bringing a new romance into your life or rekindling an existing one in a happy and playful way. Mercury's retrograde in July could have you sending or receiving mixed signals, however, so try to clarify potential misunderstandings before they get too serious. Mid-August through early October, as Mars (and, at various points, both Venus and Mercury) transit Virgo, your 7th solar house, shows a time more focused on serious involvements. You may face an important decision with regard to a partner. Follow your intuition.

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Money, Job, Career: As mentioned earlier, job and career matters – and in broader terms, your overall role in society at large – are probably the major focus of your energies this year, and you can make significant progress if you stay on track and don't get too full of yourself. The first two months of the year could see a quick increase in your income, although a corresponding increase in expenses could put a bit of a dent into that. Sound money management (read: “discipline”) will get you out of this period in better shape than you entered it. Don't be afraid to assume new responsibilities at work. You're definitely up to the task, and the tangible rewards will be fairly quickly forthcoming.

Home and Domestic Life: With much of your attention focused on outside-the-home activities this year, you might think family matters would suffer. But you are the type of person who has an instinctive connection with others emotionally, so it would actually be quite difficult for you to neglect your loved ones to any significant extent. You would just “know” when you're going to far in the other direction, and when it's time for a little something special at home. April and early May, as Mars transits Gemini, your 4th solar house, may be the most active time of the year around your home. Expect the unexpected during this time, and know that routines will be upset. But the time is right for making changes and undergoing a good spring cleaning.

Travel: As with much of your life this year, job and career matters, as well as social and group-oriented activities, will underlie many of your travel plans. Mid-February through early April could see a significant amount of local travel, perhaps as the result of social responsibilities, your position in a group or organization, etc. Although it's okay to mix a little pleasure with your business, it's important to maintain a results-oriented focus when you have a particular goal in mind. Late November through the end of the year could see you on a trip to a more-distant location, quite likely job-related. A last-minute change in plans should work out for the better.

Health: Pisces is not the strongest of signs physically, and your level of activity this year is likely to be higher than normal, so you'll need to take care not to run yourself ragged and allow the stresses of everyday life to take a negative toll on your health. March is one of the most-sensitive periods here, as Mercury retrogrades in your Sun sign. Use this time to take a break and allow your body to heal. Whatever “responsibilities” you think you have now can probably wait a week or two, when you'll be much more up to the task. Mid-July is a similar time, although less intense. Here again, don't be afraid to ease back when your body signals the need to do so.

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