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Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign SagittariusFree 2019 Astrology Forecast for Sagittarius
(November 24-December 21)

2019 in a Nutshell: Your life should be picking up steam as 2019 begins, as Jupiter's transit through your Sun sign (which began last November) shows the start of a new 12-year cycle of expansion and growth. Although you're likely to be feeling lots of excitement and enthusiasm now, you need to keep in mind that this year represents only the first steps in this new phase. In other words, you've only just begun, and you'll probably go much farther than you can even envision right now. So try to pace yourself – it's a marathon, not a sprint. Finances in particular require discipline and and a long-term perspective.

Greatest Potential: Your greatest potential this year springs from your optimism, vision, and enthusiasm – qualities that make up the very core of your being. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, signifies optimism, expansion, and good fortune. Passing through his own sign, your Sun sign, magnifies these qualities manyfold. Your creative energies are unleashed, especially during the first couple months of the year, and you set goals for yourself which many people would consider unreachable. For you, however, they are eminently achievable. Just make sure you remember this is a long-term process. Things will happen gradually, over a period of months or years. Think big, but proceed one step at a time.

Greatest Challenge: Your greatest challenge this year may lie in the realm of money and finances; and, more generally, in the way you handle and allocate your personal resources. This area includes not only money, but also such things as your energy level, your individual talents, and so forth – any individual “tools” which you have that you can put to use in the world. Saturn's long transit through Capricorn, your 2nd solar house, shows a period (from late 2017 through early 2020) which may feel restrictive from time to time, but which underneath everything requires discipline and practicality. As with most things this year, a long-term perspective is required with regard to finances and other resources. Small sacrifices now to stay on track can lead to big rewards in a year or so. That's not too long to wait, even for an impatient Sagittarius.

Love, Relationships: Your relationships, like most other areas of your life this year, are pretty much dominated by Jupiter's transit through your Sun sign, which can make you feel “bigger than life.” This feeling, of course, can have both positive and negative implications. During January, February, and most of June, good feelings run high, helping you form new bonds and deepen existing ones. During April and early May, by contrast, you may end up being a bit too full of yourself, coming on a little too strong and alienating those close to you. The real key is learning to control and channel the enthusiasm you feel inside so that it emerges in a positive way, rather than just bowling over the people you love.

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Money, Job, Career: Saturn's transit through Capricorn, your 2nd solar house, shows a 2 1/2-year period when your major financial focus should be on consolidating and solidifying a strong, long-term foundation. Saturn signifies discipline and practicality. Moving through the 2nd house (from December, 2017 through March, 2020) it shows a time when your entire financial foundation is being restructured in a new, more stable, and longer-lasting way. You could turn creative abilities into additional income during the first three months of the year, and again from August-November. Be opportunistic during these times as necessary, but even then, don't lose focus on the longer-term big picture.

Home and Domestic Life: Domestic and family matters are likely to be swept up in your personal whirlwind of energy throughout the year. Here again, the expansiveness of Jupiter is behind much of this. As you feel yourself growing as a person, you also feel the need to “grow” your immediate surroundings – a roomier or more-elegant house, for instance, or even taking additional people into your immediate family circle. During March you may bite off a bit more than you can chew in this respect, as Mercury retrogrades in Pisces, your 4th solar house. Big plans for your home might be a bit unrealistic, and you could also encounter resistance from family members now. Best to wait a few weeks before actually implementing anything. August and September could see you focused on activities outside the home, possibly making you feel as though you're neglecting loved ones. But the outside activities are important to you, and you need to pursue them.

Travel: Jupiter's transit through your Sun sign broadens your mind and your horizons in every way, including bringing you into contact with distant or exotic cultures and ways of thinking. So when you are not literally exploring the world this year, you'll be doing so vicariously through reading, videos, and so forth. Actual travel is most likely during July and early August, as Mars transits Leo, your 9th solar house; although there could be a few minor snags in late July, as Mercury retrogrades here. October-November could also see you on the road – possibly work-related, but definitely bringing you into contact with an expanded circle of acquaintances.

Health: The biggest threat to your health this year comes from over-indulgence in anything. Here again, this is the indication of Jupiter, whose enthusiasm for life makes him all too likely to go to extremes without thinking. You could find yourself gaining a little weight this year – a sort of natural occurrence under this Jupiter transit, but you need to keep it under control. More serious are the tendencies to overdo in unhealthy behaviors – junk foods, sweets, inactivity, alcohol, etc. None of these things are particularly “bad” in themselves, but if you don't keep them under control, they can definitely have negative repercussions for your physical health. Start the year with good habits, as Venus transits your sign in January, and they can carry over to the remainder of 2019.

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