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Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign ScorpioFree 2019 Astrology Forecast for Scorpio
(October 24-November 23)

2019 in a Nutshell: In a lot of ways, you'll feel like your life is firing on all cylinders during most of 2019. Jupiter's year-long transit through Sagittarius, your 2nd solar house, shows a time when you have easier access to money and other resources. Be careful, however, because they could run away as quickly as they come in. Budgetary discipline is mandatory. Saturn's transit through Capricorn, your 3rd solar house, also focuses on the practical side of things, this time for ideas. Having a “grand vision” is fine, says Saturn, but it won't do you any good unless you also work out the practical logistics of bringing that vision down to earth.

Greatest Potential: Jupiter's transit through Sagittarius shows a once-every-12-years period when money and other resources (both tangible and intangible) come easily into your life. You're likely making more money now, probably the result of new plans you started during 2018. At the same time, however, your expenses have probably increased as well. Don't let any newfound income go to your head – it probably won't last, at least at these levels. Even though some increase in your spending levels is probably necessary, keep things under control. By doing so, you'll be able to end this year on a much better level than you began it.

Greatest Challenge: Your greatest challenge this year is to avoid getting carried away by big ideas and visionary dreams. Saturn's transit through Capricorn shows a time that focuses on practical thinking – when the emphasis needs to be on ideas that actually function in the real world. Big ideas are the beginning (and you're probably full of them now!), but Saturn says you need to also take the next step and figure out how to put your vision into a practical form. Doing so can provide a useful benefit to yourself or other people, and it could also provide you with a new source of income.

Love, Relationships: Relationships could enter a bit of a topsy-turvy period this year, as Uranus in March begins a seven-year transit of Taurus, your 7th solar house. This trend will be most pronounced this year for Scorpios whose birthdays are in October, although all of you will feel it at least a little. In existing relationships, a partner could do something completely unexpected, bringing a big change (whether positive or negative) to the relationship. Also, a new relationship could form in an unexpected place or manner, again causing a big change in your life. Be open to these changes. Even if they're difficult at first, they are necessary in your life and will leave you in a better place when the process is finished.

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Money, Job, Career: Both your income and your expenses are likely to increase this year, and you'll need to exercise some discipline and planning in order to stay out of a bad spot. Especially from April-August, as Jupiter retrogrades, pause and take stock of your financial situation, with a professional advisor if you feel that's necessary. Job matters are also highlighted during this time (July-August), as Mercury, Venus, and Mars all pass through Leo, your 10th solar house, with Mercury retrograding here in July. Changes on the career front are in the offing, so focus on the specific goals you want to achieve.

Home and Domestic Life: The changes that are taking place this year in other areas of your life (finances, career, etc.) will be having a “ripple effect” in your family and domestic situation, bringing about changes that you may not have foreseen. Loved ones may be a bit touchy about things during March and July, so extra patience may be necessary to keep the peace. Midsummer is also a time when outside responsibilities may take you away from family members more than you (or they!) would like. October-November provides both the necessity and the opportunity to retreat into your private space with your closest loved ones and reconnect, away from external distractions.

Travel: You'll probably find that most of the traveling you do this year has some practical goal behind it – that is, it's more for business than for pleasure. By the same token, there's no law that says you can't combine the two! January-February provides a good time to do a little research or “exploring” of some sort, while also getting away from the daily grind for a few days. Mid-May through early July, as Mars transits Cancer, your 9th solar house, is a period when more-extensive travel is possible, and this time with a bit more emphasis on the “pleasure” side of things. At the same time, travel now can be a learning experience which you can put to good use at work in a few months.

Health: Health matters should largely take a turn for the better this year, as Uranus concludes its transit of Aries, your 6th solar house. Under this Uranus transit, during the past few years you've probably seen your share of “weird,” unexplained, or unexpected ailments. This trend will have largely run its course by early March. With these pressures removed, pay some additional attention to your health, taking positive steps to improve and maintain it. October-December is a time to be a little more careful, as impulsiveness or carelessness now can lead to accidents.

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