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Astrological glyph for the zodiac sign TaurusFree 2019 Astrology Forecast for Taurus
(April 21-May 21)

2019 in a Nutshell: One-to-one relationships are a major focus of your life and activities this year. Specifically, you are taking a few existing relationships to “the next level.” These could be personal or business relationships, but the idea is that you are learning to combine your individual talents and resources with those of another person to become something greater than either of you individually. Try to keep things balanced, and avoid over-committing yourself.

Greatest Potential: Jupiter's transit through Sagittarius, your 8th solar house, shows a year when you can tap into the resources of another person to help advance your own (or a joint) cause. Financially, this could involve the taking on of debt or some similar obligation. Although this strategy can be effective, be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. November is a particularly sensitive month here, when you might have to pay the piper for past carelessness.

Greatest Challenge: Saturn's long transit through Capricorn, your 9th solar house, indicates a period when it's necessary for you to learn to take big ideas and turn them into practical, down-to-earth plans and results. You're inherently good at the practical side. Your major challenge this year is with the “big ideas” part: allowing yourself to expand beyond past boundaries and limits in order to advance and evolve. This may involve trusting another person more than you'd normally be comfortable with, but your path to the future definitely lies now outside of your comfort zone.

Love, Relationships: One-to-one relationships of all sorts are definitely a major focus of your year, and you're likely to be making several new, long-term commitments as the 2019 goes on. April and early May could find you becoming involved in a new business or money partnership. Be careful you don't let your enthusiasm cause you to over-commit yourself – the summer months will tell you if you have. October-December could bring some friction with partners. Avoid impulsive reactions.

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Money, Job, Career: Money matters are a priority throughout the year, especially as you get into or out of various financial relationships (loans, business partnerships, etc.). The most-active period is probably April and early May, as Mars transits Gemini, your 2nd solar house, when financial affairs will be extremely active and unpredictable. Remain flexible, and don't be afraid to make adjustments to financially based partnerships.

Home and Domestic Life: You may find yourself relying on a family member more than usual this year. That's not a sign of weakness on your part, it's actually a sign of growth. Don't worry about becoming “too dependent” – that's just not in your nature, so it's unlikely to happen. The summer months, especially July and August, bring a lot of activity in and around your home, some of which (in July) could be a bit unsettling. But change is necessary now, so go with the flow.

Travel: Travel is most likely early in the year (January-February) and again in late spring and early summer (mid-May through mid-August). You'll probably prefer to keep trips closer to home this year, saving the grand exotic vacation for 2020. Yet contact with people at a distance (whether you actually travel there or not) could prove extremely influential and beneficial for you. Look for tried-and-true ideas that you can put to practical use, even if they're “different” from what you're used to.

Health: Health matters should be stable for most of the year, as stressful aspects in this area of your life appear to be minimal. Worries about money could have an impact on your health from April-August, but good planning before this time could keep those issues to a minimum. Those of you born from April 21st-30th could be subject to unexpected health issues or accidents, especially during the last two weeks of February, as both Mars and Uranus pass over your natal Sun. Use extra caution at this time.

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