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Introduction to the Signs of the Zodiac
by Jenna Sharron

A brief introduction to each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

When a person says, "I am a Leo" or "I am a Capricorn," he or she is speaking of their "Sun sign" -- so called because it is the sign of the zodiac where the Sun was found on the day they were born. Although a complete astrological interpretation also takes into account the positions of the Moon, the planets, and several other factors, a number of major personality traits can be deduced simply from this position of the Sun on the birthday. This is because the Sun in astrology represents the essential core of a person's being -- the qualities with which he or she most identifies.

This series of articles by Jenna Sharron presents a brief overview of each of the twelve signs of the zodiac in terms of what it means when it is your Sun sign. This is an excellent introduction to the meanings of the various signs and how they are used in astrology.

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Jenna Sharron
Jenna Sharron is a pro astrologer and tarot card reader. She has 20 years of experience in western astrology. Jenna mixes tarot and astrology on her website Astrology Junction to create the "tarotscope."
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